The Brahma Viharas

A meditation for English horn and full orchestra, based on ancient Buddhist contemplative practices that cultivate the qualities of lovingkindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity in the human heart.

The Brahma Viharas has four movements that express each of these spiritual practices and qualities in music:

  1. Metta (Lovingkindness)
  2. Karuna (Compassion)
  3. Mudita (Empathetic Joy)
  4. Upekkha (Equanimity)
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Soloist Charlotte Bell (English horn) has practiced and taught these meditative practices since 1986 and embodies them in her musical performances. Composer Phillip Bimstein has practiced them for more than 20 years and teaches them as well.

Bell teaches yoga and meditation at her Mindful Yoga Collective in Salt Lake City and writes about these subjects for Catalyst Magazine and several national yoga blogs. She has been published in Yoga Journal and Yoga International. She is the author of two books about yoga published by Rodmell Press, Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life and Yoga for Meditators, and one published by Shambhala Publications, Hip-Healthy Asana.

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