“Short, snappy and irreverent songs …. refreshing sense of humor”

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Best described as a “thinking person’s dance band,” Chicago new wave punk band Phil ‘n’ the Blanks released two 45rpm singles, three albums and six videos during 1980-1985. Their records were played widely on more than 200 radio stations and reached the Top 40 on national new music charts. Phil ‘n’ the Blanks toured the Midwest and East Coast extensively, and their kinetic videos were hits on MTV.

Band Members

Phil Bimstein (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Blanche le Blanc (lead vocals)

Eric Kister (lead guitar)

Bill Hyland (bass)

Roman Zabicki (drums, vocals)


Multiple Choice

LP, Album 1981, Pink Records


Side A

  1. (I’m Her) Sex Toy
  2. Family, Work, Neighborhood, Peace & Freedom
  3. The Ladder
  4. Advertising Girl
  5. Void Fill
  6. Sex Life
  7. Black Is Not A Color (It’s A Situation)

Side B

  1. Ou Est?
  2. Without Consummation
  3. Keeping Me Honest
  4. Inspected By #7
  5. Push & Pull
  6. Vi-Sectomy
  7. How It’s Done

Lands And Peoples

Vinyl, LP, Album 1982, Pink Records


North Side

  1. The National Dance Contest
  2. See You
  3. Lands and Peoples
  4. Meadowlands
  5. The Forest’s On The Move

South Side

  1. You Can’t Call Me
  2. Excercise
  3. Cold Love
  4. Punctuality (Is A Virtue)
  5. Babble On
  6. Condition Red

Head Screwed On

Vinyl,LP, Mini Album 1983, Pink Records


Side A

  1. Head Screwed On
  2. Pockets of Pleasure
  3. A Space Traveler’s Manifesto

Side B

  1. Dance Dance
  2. You Look Like Someone
  3. Jonny Bit

Singles, Songs and Videos

How It’s Done

“Energy and intelligence aren’t often teamed in musical groups, but you’ll find that dynamic duo in Phil ‘n’ the Blanks. … Bimstein loads his songs with strong melodies and catchy hooks. … Bimstein’s lyrics are intelligent and witty, sometimes plucked from newspaper and magazine stories. Perhaps the best thing about this band is that it has no obvious influences;

Chicago Sun-Times


“Possessed of wit and style … fun, kinetic tunes with a literate slant and frequently kinky twist”

Illinois Entertainer


“Imaginative … irresistible”

Chicago Reader

Advertising Girl

The National Dance Contest

Head Screwed ON

I Want Some More/I’m Losing Interest

7″ Vinyl, 45 RPM, 1981

Photo credits: John Gronkowski, Otis Ball, Von, Tom Giblin, Michael Lapin; Video: Joe Federici